Shape99 Protein is a food product brand brought forth by Shardein Health and Pharma Equipments Pvt. Ltd. We are based in Gurukul Narsan, Roorkee, Dist. Haridwar. The company started its journey in 2015 by manufacturing hospital furniture. The furniture and industrial equipment segment is still running and has separate operations.

In the food sector, as of now, we are manufacturing various protein lattes, plant protein, soy protein and whey protein. Apart from this, we are planning to launch more innovative products down the line.

Our Values

Various studies show that diets of majority of Indian population are deficient in proteins.

So many diseases such as nephrotic syndrome, ascites, chronic liver disease with ascites, anemia need a high protein diet which is sometimes not feasible with diet alone.

Persons engaged in athletic and strenuous exercise and work activity need high protein diets. Similarly, People into weight loss programs also have similar requirements.

Hence, we have thought of our protein solutions for all.


Our range of 'Power Products'

  1. High protein powders with 60- 80% protein
  2. Routine protein supplements with 20-35% protein content.

Why do we need Protein?

  1. Growth and Maintenance of body
  2. Causes Biochemical Reactions
  3. Acts as a messenger for various processes in the body.
  4.  Provides structure like keratin
  5. Maintains proper pH in various body processes
  6. Balances fluids in abdomen, brain, lungs, and cells
  7. Bolsters Immune Health
  8. Transports and stores nutrients
  9. Provides energy throughout the day
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