Shape99 Mass Gainer | Vanilla flavor Protein Powder for men and women (1kg) | Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


High protein- 18g per 100g

High Calories- 120 per scoop

33 servings per kg

Creamy Vanilla flavor

Sucralose Free

High calcium

Rich in Vitamins & minerals

Low Fat

Shape99 Mass Gainer contains 18g of high-quality protein from a blend of milk and soya. With the classic mixture of all essential and non-essential amino acids to support your body and muscle development.

Shape99 Mass Gainer is packed with 400 calories per 100g to support your weight gain. It is a unique formulation with high calories and good protein for your daily workout. Shape99 Mass Gainer is loaded with vitamins and minerals. These help in boosting immunity as
well as help in the proper assimilation of all nutrients and vitamins.

Add 1-2 level scoops (30-60g) in 200ml milk, shake vigorously till uniform, and drink. No need to add sugar. For beginners, start with 1-2 servings per day, and gradually increase.

Breakfast: Consume Shape99 Mass Gainer (one serving) along with breakfast to start your day with energy.

In Between Meals: Consume Shape99 Mass Gainer (one serving) in between meals to work with high energy.

Before Bed: Consume shape99 Mass Gainer (one serving) 45-60 minutes from bed for recovery, repairs, and fuel for your body.


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