Why You Should Ditch Your Bed Tea?

Many of you are accustom to have bed-tea as soon as you wake up. However, this isn’t a perfect way
to start your day, both for your body and your teeth. Your oral cavity and hygiene contribute a lot towards
your health and overall well-being. So, it is essential that you brush your teeth and clean your mouth, first
thing in the morning; before you decide to have any beverage, mainly tea or coffee. Why? Well, here are
few reasons why you should ditch your bed tea.

Metabolic imbalance

When bacteria from your mouth reach your gut, they interfere with the functioning of good bacteria
and may cause trouble in metabolism, deranging the acid-alkaline balance in your stomach. You can
increase your metabolic rate by consuming proper diet with include broccoli, spinach, oat meal, capsicum,
ginger etc.

Increase the acid levels in the stomach

When you sleep, during night, numerous of microbes and bacteria infest your mouth. These
organisms are responsible for the bad smell in your mouth after you wake up. So, they certainly do not do
any good for your oral cavity. In fact, by avoiding a cup of hot tea would mean washing down bacteria from
your mouth and sending them down to your stomach. This can increase acid levels in the stomach and do
you more harm than good. So, it’s better to stay apart from that.

Dehydrates the body

Everyone says to drink a lot of water in the morning because the body is dehydrated due to long
hours of sleep. Drinking tea in an empty stomach further removes the water from the body. According to
experts, tea is diuretic in nature and consuming it early morning may lead to dehydration, muscle cramps,
and body ache.

Chances of infection increases

Drinking tea in the morning could be a likely cause of stomach inflammation and may lead to
infections. This also means that you’re chances of suffering from peptic ulcers or other infections increase
numerous compared to people who drink tea after brushing their teeth.
Increases toxin levels:
Commonly, it is suggested to have a glass full of water early in the morning to drive out the toxins
from your body. Consuming tea, in the morning, will increases the amount of toxins in your blood. High
levels of toxins in your blood would mean that all your crucial organs like your liver, lungs and kidneys are
at a risk abnormal functioning due to the toxin concentration.

Interferes with iron absorption

Consumption of tea early in the morning is known to interfere with iron absorption, which could be
harmful if you are anaemic or have low iron content in your body. This could also exacerbate conditions that
interfere with iron absorption.

Affects oral health

When you have tea or any other stimulant that is high in acid content in the morning without
brushing your teeth, the bacteria in your mouth metabolize the sugar, increase acid levels in your mouth and
erodes the outer covering of your teeth. More frequently than not, this is a main cause for the formation of
cavities. Having tea or even food before brushing your teeth could lead to bacteria build-up that could cause
gum diseases or gingivitis as well.

Body Builders of Pre-Independence India. Source: Barbell and Muscle Control Exercises, Keshab Sen Gupta and Bishnu Charan Ghosh. Iron
Body Builders of Pre-Independence India. Source: Barbell and Muscle Control Exercises, Keshab Sen Gupta and Bishnu Charan Ghosh.
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